"VIRGO RISING," the first book for Little Foolery’s "THAT WHICH WILLS" world, is up for pre-order until March 31!

For as long as he has lived, Liam Harbinger has been known only as the son of Esmeralda le Déluge, one of the most infamous witches to plague Virgilia. Born under favorable stars, gifted with remarkable powers, and possessing a demon as his only companion, Liam has no interest in his mother’s dark history — his dream is to be a hero, the greatest Virgilia has ever seen.

“Virgo Rising” is the first introductory issue to the world of “That Which Wills.” Contains three stories:

  1. Dance with the Devil - Liam has found himself the unexpected guest to a royal ball. Determined to prove himself against a host of nobles who remember his mother’s dark past — Liam plans to be on his best behavior. However, his demon companion, Ronway, has other ideas. (revised for print)

  2. “Meet Cute” - While out after a night of sport, perfectly ordinary citizen Tibsy Greencastle finds himself in a tight spot. Lucky for him, help comes from the most unexpected of places.

    Colored by Jen Doyle. (preview pages above)

  3. “Harbinger” - Following an ill-advised magical escapade in a small country village, 13 -year-old Liam Harbinger is brought to the capital for the first time. (preview pages on product page)

Whew it is finally coming together. Muun and I are very excited for this, a lot of work went into this. Special thanks to Airy, Jen Doyle and Mira Ongchua for making this work possible!

We’ll be sending the book out to the printers next week with any luck!

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